Featured Patient Story

Jane is a 60 year old woman, with a long history of feeling "shaky" and experiencing extreme fatigue. Jane tried other monitoring devices like Holter and event, but the results were always negative. Her doctors instead treated her for anxiety, which they believed to be the cause of her symptoms. She also experienced atrial fibrillation occasionally, and was on medication to control her AF.

Jane's cardiologist prescribed CardioNet MCOT™, and within a week, CardioNet was able to help Jane's cardiologist diagnose the cause of her occasional atrial fibrillation and her "shaky" fatigued feelings. Jane underwent treatment, and has had no recurrence of her "shaky" feelings or episodes of extreme fatigue.

Physician's comments: "CardioNet diagnosed not one, but two essentially asymptomatic arrhythmias. The patient's atrial tachycardia was picked up via CardioNet's automatic arrhythmia trigger as the patient presumed her symptoms to be her "typical anxiety." Accurate diagnosis of the cause of her symptoms led to both definitive treatment and discontinuation of unnecessary anxiolytic medication."
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