Once CardioNet receives your prescription from your healthcare provider, we verify your insurance coverage and call you to arrange delivery of your monitoring equipment, and to schedule a hook-up call.

Upon receipt of your equipment, you should follow the "Getting Started" guide included with the equipment prior to your scheduled hook-up call. Our specially trained patient educators will call you at the scheduled time to instruct you on how to use the CardioNet MCOT™ system.

While on service, you will wear three chest leads attached to a small sensor that detects your heartbeats and wirelessly transmits them to the monitor.

The monitor analyzes each heartbeat, detects arrhythmias, and automatically sends each event to the CardioNet monitoring center via the monitor's built-in cellular modem or by using your home telephone connection.

Certified monitoring technicians assess your events and report results to your doctor. A diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed when necessary.

Once you have started monitoring, you go about your normal daily routine, and CardioNet will do all the work.

At the conclusion of your monitoring, please return the monitoring equipment using the return address label and bag provided with the equipment.

For additional information, please call the Customer Support line at 1.866.426.4404.

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