Using CardioNet MCOT™ is straightforward, and it requires no capital investment for the practice.

To begin, practices must complete a location, physician, and notification criteria enrollment form. Once these forms have been submitted and verified, physicians can begin ordering CardioNet for their patients.

CardioNet provides each practice with a customized, easy-to-use prescription/order form, which physicians complete for each patient. Once complete with the appropriate information, practices fax the form to CardioNet.

The CardioNet staff verifies all information, and quickly enrolls each patient, provides monitoring equipment and education, and begins the monitoring process. CardioNet's monitoring center reviews all patient event information and creates reports on a daily basis. Physician offices receive daily reports via Internet or fax at the location of their choice. When urgent or emergent events occur and are confirmed by the monitoring technicians, reports are immediately sent to the physician for review. At the end of monitoring, each practice receives an End of Service summary report.

For more information about how you can begin prescribing CardioNet today, call 1.866.426.4402.
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