CardioNet provides a comprehensive suite of post-symptom, looping, and auto trigger event monitors as part of its turn-key cardiac event monitoring service.

Detail on CardioNet's event monitoring product line is provided below.

Dual Alert Afib

The "Looping Auto Trigger" monitor offers single or 2-channel capability and can be programmed to capture specific events on patients who may not recognize symptoms, or who may have difficulty in operating a monitor. Monitor settings can specify number and length of recordings.

The CardioNet Dual Alert Afib is the newest and most technologically advanced monitor available to Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists. Monitor highlights include:
  • Single and 2-Channel capability
  • Pacemaker Spikes
  • Pause detection
  • 45-day Battery Life
  • No need to remove cable to transmit
  • Transmits each 90 second recorded event in 22 seconds
  • Holds 6 recordings 60 Pre/ 30 Post
  • Sound dampening features reduces false positive recordings as a result of artifact
  • Easily programmable, no extra tools needed

Looping Multi-Event Monitor

This is CardioNet's most widely used event monitor, and is a favorite of doctors and patients alike for its ease-of-use. The monitor is patient activated and can be set to record from 1-6 events, depending on the desired length of the recording. The term "looping" refers to the memory of the monitor, which means that when activated, the monitor can save the previous 60 seconds of data stored in the memory loop.

The CardioNet looping monitor is designed to increase diagnostic yield for transient symptoms suggestive of a cardiac arrhythmia. The Loop monitor can be programmed to store up to six events totaling 522 seconds of ECG before it is necessary to transmit the information. When convenient, the patient can send the stored ECGs by telephone, from anywhere in the world, directly to the CardioNet event monitoring center.
  • Holds 6 recordings 60 Pre/ 30 Post
  • 45-day Battery Life
  • No need to remove cable in order to transmit
  • Transmits each 90 second recorded event in 22 seconds

Non-Looping Chest Plate

The Non-Looping Chest Plate is capable of real time recordings for patients with symptoms lasting greater than 30-45 seconds. The monitor can be used without attaching potentially irritating electrodes and leads to the patient. When needed, the monitor is held directly to the patient's chest to make recordings.

The Non-Looping Chest Plate cardiac event monitor is ideal for patients who experience transient symptoms suggestive of a cardiac arrhythmia, including shortness of breath, dizziness and palpitations. At the onset of symptoms, the patient holds the Non-Looping Chest Plate recorder against his or her chest and presses the record button. The device records and stores up to 32 seconds of real-time ECG in solid-state memory. It can store up to four such events before it is necessary to transmit the information.

CardioNet Holter Monitoring

CardioNet provides versatile digital Holters, supplies, and a proprietary WebHolter data transfer system as part of its turn-key Holter monitoring service.

The digital Holter monitor is lightweight and user-friendly. It provides state of the art digital recordings that are easily interpreted by physicians. The patient event button has multiple symptoms and activities that can be selected by the patient for a more detailed report. Once monitoring is complete, ECG data stored on a flashcard can be uploaded to the CardioNet Holter Department via the Internet where technician interpretation is noted and reported. There is immediate access to reports with the ability to print reports locally as needed.

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