Braemar, Inc.

Braemar is the world's largest developer and producer of patient-worn diagnostic electrocardiology devices. These include 24- and 48-hour Holter recorders and 30-day ECG event recorders. The products are designed, developed, and cleared with regulatory authorities at Braemar's facilities in Burnsville, Minnesota. Since the devices are sold to medical corporations and not to end-users, Braemar does not have an extensive sales and marketing organization. Braemar uses its market and technical knowledge to rapidly and cost-effectively develop diagnostic electrocardiology devices with superior features. These are offered to medical organizations that purchase Braemar products as a cost-effective alternative to internal development.

Braemar also possesses electromechanical design and development capability which it markets to other medical corporations interested in reliable outside sourcing. Braemar designs and builds liposuction electromechanical components from operations based in King, NC. Braemar possesses a long and established reputation in the service and support of ultrasound components and flow sensors. Braemar customers have enjoyed a shortened development time, fast regulatory clearance, and lower total product costs.

Braemar Distribution Center sells Holter and Event recorders to end users in hospitals and clinics. Braemar Distribution customers primarily are located in the United States family practice, internal medicine and cardiology office setting. Braemar Distribution also sells stress and pulmonary function devices purchased from other suppliers. Braemar Distribution generates business opportunities for its products using direct mail and sales leads generated from its base of customers.

Agility Centralized Research Services, Inc.

Agility Centralized Research Services is a Minnesota corporation. Agility provides seven-day/24-hour electrocardiogram ("ECG") data and management services to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, contract research and academic research organizations worldwide for cardiac safety and therapeutic evaluation purposes within clinical trials. Biotel purchased the assets comprising Agility's business in July 2004.

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